Contract With SRSOC

  1. Contract Procedure:
    • a. Shipowner/ Manager signs the contract
    • b. Shipowner/ Managers returns a copy to SRSOC
    • c. Shipowner/ Manager keeps a copy for his records and sends a copy to all vessels which may call a port in China
  2. All vessels calling China must have a copy of the Contract for Ship Pollution Response in both English & Chinese
  3. When a ship calls:
    • a. The ship will send the Electronic Notice of Arrival / Departure (ENOAD) to SRSOC at least 48hrs prior to port call via
    • b. SRSOC will answer email from ship – confirming safe receipt & will revert with the Certificate of Coverage
    • c. The Certificate of Coverage will be sent to:
      • c.i. Ship
      • c.ii. Shipowner/ Manager
      • c.iii. Local SPRO (i.e., Dalian Huitong Waterarea Engineering Co.,Ltd.)
    • d. SRSOC will notify local SPRO


SRSOC’s response rates have officially been accepted by International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) and are now reflected in the Version 5 agreement which has been reviewed and accepted by the International Group of P&I Clubs.

SRSOC’s sister company Shanghai Resolve Maritime Consultants (SRMC) has been officially approved by China MSA to act as an authorized agent for vessel owner / operators in compliance with the PRC regulations. SRMC can now assist SRSOC clients in the few ports not covered by the SRSOC consortium truly, establishing the most comprehensive spill response coverage in China.

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